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At Interact we focus on possibilities, not disabilities. You do not have to be an accomplished artist to join our community. Rather, we look for individuals who are highly motivated to grow their artistic skills in a creative environment.

Our staff are professional and practicing artists themselves, who are equipped to mentor you in ways that maximize your artistic pursuits, as well as provide excellent support for your health and safety needs.

In order to reach your full potential, we require a commitment of at least three days per week. In Performing Arts, three days of attendance must include Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Please note that due to the center’s spacing and staffing ratios, Interact Center is not prepared to accept artists with a history of severe physical aggression toward others or artists that require a consistent in-person staffing ratio during the day of 1:1 – 1:4. Interact Center does not have lifts available, so artists admitted must maintain a degree of independence, including being able to self-transfer when toileting.

The Admission Process for Potential Clients:

Step 1: Inquiry & Visit

Tour Interact and speak with the Performing Arts or Visual Arts Manger while attending an Open House! Sign up for an Open House tour below!


Visual Arts Tour Times

March 20th 1pm-2pm

April 23rd 11am-12

May 14th 1pm-2pm


Currently, Performing Arts is only receiving applications for our waitlist. If you are interested, send an email to

Performing Arts Open House Calendar

Visual Arts Open House Calendar

Tuesday, May 14, 2024 — Sign Up

Step 3: Initial Screening

Attend a Zoom screening with the Department Manager and a Designated Coordinator. During the initial screening, Interact program specifics will be discussed and applicants should come prepared to discuss their motivation in wanting to join. Please note that Interact limits admissions to those individuals with a clear motivation to pursue art/theater in a professional manner.

Step 4: Experience Day Assessment

Based on the initial screening, an artist may be invited to participate in an experience day at the center. This experience day gives the applicant an opportunity to participate fully in a day of programming before committing. Interact staff will also have the day to assess and work with the applicant to ensure the program has adequate supports and will be a good program fit. Applicants will be required to pay a $65 nonrefundable fee when scheduling the experience day. Please speak with the Department Manager for scholarship opportunities if this fee is burdensome.

Step 5: Intake Meeting

If the experience day is successful, an intake meeting with the full support team will be scheduled and completed for those artists accepted into the program.

Step 6: START!

After the intake meeting, the artist can start attending!


If you need additional assistance on your application, please contact Joli Grostephan.

Joli Grostephan

Visual Arts Department and Recruitment Manager

Call 651-209-3575 ext 106

Accessibility Notice

Our website has been optimized to be fully accessible to every person. If you’re having trouble using this site, please email Advancement Director Raleigh Wolpert at or call 651-209-3575.

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