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Mary Kay Kennedy

Board Chair

Lori Leavitt

Vice Chair

Ann Leming

Board Member

Susan Shapiro

Board Member

Patrick Dow

Board Member

Monica Little

Board Member

David Forney

Board Member

Liz Hilligoss

Board Member

Administrative Staff

Joseph Price

Executive Director

Call 651-209-3575 ext 104

Christine Woods

Staff Accountant

Call 651-209-3575 ext 103

Raleigh Wolpert

Raleigh Wolpert

Advancement Director

Call 651-209-3575 ext 121

Phil Olmstead

Advancement Associate

Call 651-209-3575 ext 114

Lizzy Hinman

Administrative and Department Assistant

Carly Madigan

Operations Coordinator

Sandy Moore

Grant Writer

Call 651-209-3575

Artist Support Department Staff

Karen Prince

Designated Coordinator

Office: Call 651-209-3575 ext 118

Derek Meier

Designated Coordinator/ Training Manager

Office: Call 651-209-3575 ext 120

Mikayla Vavreck-Sindt 

Designated Coordinator

Office: Call 651-209-3575 ext 107

Performing Arts Department Staff

Riley A. Graygrove, MA, P-RDT

Performing Arts Manager

Call 651-209-3575 ext 119

Josette Antomarchi

Performing Arts Instructor

Dylan Payne

Performing Arts Music Instructor

Eliana Meyerowitz

Performing Arts Instructor

Visual Arts Department Staff

Joli Grostephan

Visual Arts Department and Recruitment Manager

Call 651-209-3575 ext 106

Brittany Kieler

Gallery Director

Call 651-756-1246

Natalie Mazorol

Archivist & Collections Manager

Call 651-756-1246

Presley Martin

Visual Arts Instructor

Jeremy Jones

Visual Arts Ceramics Specialist

Jonas Specktor

Visual Arts Instructor

Melissa Nyberg

Visual Arts Instructor

Soph Munic

Visual Arts Fiber Specialist


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